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all your iconish delights
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(%) Community Rules:

001) please join the community before requesting /posting any icons.

002) This community is for people who make icons to post them, share them, and request them. If you made some sexylicious icons you wanna share, go ahead and post them up for others to see! But PLEASE use lj cuts if you have more than three. Don't forget - only 100 x 100 icons.

003) No limit to number of requests per person per week - but be realistic here, if people start to overload on requests I'll change this rule.

004) Comment and credit when picking up /taking someones icon.

005) No crossposting requests.

006) Please make posts/updates Friends Only. Public posts will be deleted.

007) Credit goes to either xxmesmericonsxx or the maker of the icons. (E.g. say I made you an icon, you could credit the community or xxmesmerizedxx)

008) Please don't advertise your community in here.


010) Most importantly, enjoy yourselves! Keep checking back for updated rules. Remember this community is for fun and sharing, please don't bring your drama here.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in your expulsion from the community, and if necessary, you will be reported to lj abuse.

Now I'll drop the serious tone, and you go have some fun =)

What is...:

Direct linking: To prevent this, right click on the image you are going to take/use; click save as and save it. Then upload it to a server such as http://www.photobucket.com, and tada - you can use it however you like.

Lj cuts: This is when you have many icons or pictures you wish to post and don't want them all to appear up on the page. By putting up an lj cut, you can make a link to your icons so they show up on the comments page. Here's an example of an lj cut: {lj-cut text="whatyouwantittosay"} then paste the html of your icons here {img src="htmlgoeshere"} and to close the lj cut: {/lj-cut}. The only change you need to make is instead of these { and } use < and >

Cross-posting: Also known as x-posting, this is when you post the same entries/icons/blinkies/etc. in more than one community. It's quite a waste of time when requesting!


Owner/maintainer: xxmesmerizedxx (Kama) If you have any questions contact me at my journal.

Icon Makers:
eevee_gurl (Eve)


For now, if you want to link to us you can either use a text link or (preferably) this:

If you'd like to be partner/sister community, just leave a message at my journal and make sure you have a mini link (like my own above), 100 x 35.